The Pod Heritage 2011 collection has arrived

Sunday, 10 April 2011  |  Admin

It's the moment we've all been waiting for..the Pod Heritage 2011 collection has arrived!
Designs have been taken straight out of the Pod archive and with a little creative direction from the original designer the collection has once again held onto its '76 soul!  Last year we saw the return of the Pin-Punch design with its striking white crepe soles. So, which iconic treats have we got in store for you this year?...

The Quilted Townsend shoes

Arguably the most-popular style from back in the day and no doubt the most synonymous style with the Pod brand, the Quilted shoes are finally back on the scene.  After receiving a phenomenal amount of requests from our dedicated followers of fashion, we think we've done the original design justice; we've even had the approval from the original Pod men which is nothing to sniff at!
Did you know...The Quilted style was commonly known as the Mattress-front to our Northern chums? (looking back that does make more sense!)

The 5-eyelet Chukka boot

Newbie to the Pod Heritage collection, the Wood chukka boot retains all the characteristics that are essential to the make-up of a Pod Heritage shoe. Staying within the handwriting of Pod, the boot incorporates the Heritage branding throughout and has been made with fabulous quality full-grain, waxed & oiled softy leather hides in colours copper brown and willow. Just like the Townsend style, comfort is paramount and so the genuine rubber sole incorporates a hidden EVA midsole for unparalleled cushioning. Happy stylish feet!

If you are a retailer and would be interested in stocking the Pod Heritage collection please contact the Pod Office.

If you are an individual and would like to purchase a pair of these lovely shoes please visit the Pod Heritage website.

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