Pod's Fifteen Minutes of Fame at the Moda Trade Show

Monday, 11 July 2011  |  Admin

The Pod footwear team were caught on camera at the last Moda trade show in August. No, it's not what you think...

Video highlights from the show have been uploaded onto the revamped Moda website and 28 seconds in there we are in the background! If you look closely enough you can catch a glimpse of our Pod Heritage shoes sitting comfortably on top of their Pod comic-lined suitcase filled with the original Pod shoe-making tools and equipment. Put your specs on and beyond the Pod Heritage display you may just see the men's smart shoe range.

Ok, so it's not quite fifteen minutes of fame (if we're getting technical about it, it's one second) but it's not often you see your name up in lights!

What's more the lovely people at Moda featured our Podlers Hot Pink Sun girls' shoe throughout the show's ceiling banners, bags and posters. For such a tiny shoe, it certainly made a big impact!

Now, we're not going to let this newly found fame go to our heads but if you do plan to visit us at the next Moda show in February, you may notice that the Pod team are looking a bit more groomed and coiffed than usual....just in case!

View the Pod profile and find out what's on this February at www.moda-uk.co.uk.

Watch the video highlights from Moda here

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