Podlers wholesale infants' shoes Press March 2011: The AW11 Season So Far...

Tuesday, 11 January 2011  |  Admin

CWB Speaks to Podlers footwear brand about the Autumn/Winter 2011 Season.

How is the aw11 selling season faring for you?

So far, we've had a good response to our aw ranges and have attracted a lot of interest from many new accounts as well as from our existing customers. Sales have been much more positive than last year and despite most buyers being very conservative, we've increased sales with a broader spread of product.

Have you noticed any changes in what buyers are ordering in terms of product?

Mosta re avoiding fringe ranges and looking to place safe products, which have been tried and tested. Functionality, price and service are all very important. The Pod range is mostly middle of the road, offering quality and value for money and we always continue to expand the range of product offered.

Which have been your bestsellers for aw11?

We've experienced continued increased sales for Podlers and it's certainly becoming a brand in its own right. The aw11 collection attracted a lot of interest at Moda Footwear, with the boys' Casper and girls' Chloe boots stealing the show. We also introduced the double Velcro softy leather style Comet, which was a great hit. We always take into account what our customers have to say in terms of feedback on our footwear, as they deal directly with the consumers. We've already responded to buyers' requests for a broader size range to target the pre-school age by increasing the core Podlers line to a size 31 and, in terms of styles, we have our bestsellers and usually incorporate those into future ranges. Customers are always pleased with our colour choices as we tend to stick with bright yet traditional block colours. It's more about keeping the high quality materials.

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