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Introducing Pod Heritage's reimagined original T-bar sandal

Driven by demand from the brand's verteran follwers, Pod continue to revel in their footwear heritage with the release of a ladies' twin-strap T-bar sandal under the Pod Heritage brand. Originally launched circa 1980 as a straight forward girls' school shoe, the T-bar was subsequently adopted by fashion's counter culture as an iconic footwear staple and soon became one of Pod's most iconic designs. Through meticulous development with creative input from the original designer, the twin-strap sandal preserves its authenticity, incorporating fundamental design details such as the 1977 Jubilee flag, 'star fall' vamp punching and distinctive double buckle, complete with retro Podman swingtag. Beyong its uncomplicated aesthic appeal, the T-bar achieves a supreme comfort factor as a result of Pod's unique bag-lasted construction method- a Veldtschoen techique that naturally creates increased comfort and supportive moulding through wear. Crafted using unlined soft leather uppers and secured with a heavy stitch to the contrast TPR sole, the T-bar sandal will be available in a trio of original colours: pertrol blue, baby pink and pillar box red.

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